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Recently, some card issuers and financial institutions have noticed increased attempts by fraudsters to hack the CVV/CVC codes on compromised debit cards to commit ATM fraud.
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Verified By VISA

With Debit Card fraud on the rise, GCF is always looking for better ways to increase our customer's security. With Verified by VISA, we are able to provide another layer of security for on-line purchases made with a GCF VISA Debit Card.

Visa's multiple layers of security provide cardholders with an extraordinary level of protection so they can feel confident no matter how they use their Visa card. Verified by Visa plays an important role in this strategy in the following ways:
  • Improving the security of on-line payment transactions
  • Increasing both cardholder and merchant confidence in Internet purchases
  • Reducing disputes and fraudulent activity related to Visa payment cards
Simply activate your existing card with the Verified by Visa service and create your personal password. The service is free to Visa cardholders. You'll have the added assurance that your Visa card is safer when you shop at participating on-line stores. Look for the new Verified by Visa symbol; it's your way of knowing that you are shopping with an additional layer of security.