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Recently, some card issuers and financial institutions have noticed increased attempts by fraudsters to hack the CVV/CVC codes on compromised debit cards to commit ATM fraud.
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Our ATM/Debit Card is accepted wherever you see the VISA logo. The debit card works just like a check. Make a purchase or tap an ATM for cash up to the amount of your available account balance.

Need to send guaranteed funds? Choose from Money Orders, Bank Checks, or Certified Checks.

Don't leave home without them... Traveler's Checks, that is. Available from any GCF office.

Investing in something for the future? GCF is an authorized sales agent for U.S. Savings Bonds.

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Don't hide your valuables under a mattress! Keep them protected in a Safe Deposit Box.

Never again worry about your payroll or government check getting lost in the mail or being intercepted by an unscrupulous character. No more special trips to deposit your paycheck. Direct Deposit is the fastest and safest way to assure your money is available immediately.

Avoid the embarrassment of a bounced check. With GCF's SafeLink, you can authorize us to transfer money from your savings account to your checking account whenever you write a check for more than your balance.