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Your needs have changed and so has your vision. It has nothing to do with eyeglasses and everything to do with the way you embrace life. This page is dedicated to those who have gained that wisdom. Remember when we had to drive from one building to another, take a number and sit in a waiting room for hours before a clerk told us we were in the wrong office? You've earned the right to sit in front of a keyboard and let the flow of information to come to you!

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I'm willing to bet Americans know more about where Medicare has failed than know essential facts about the program itself.

It's no wonder. Political rhetoric pits one side against the other whenever key legislation is debated. And those who find fault always shout the loudest, no matter what the argument.

Medicare is not a one-size-fits-all health insurance plan. Options exist to accommodate every situation; regardless of age, income level or basic need.

Congress has added new benefits over time, each with its own set of rules. One particular provision may require totally different qualifications than another. Its complexity makes it hard to understand.

But if you're approaching the magical age of 65, there are some program basics you need to know.

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The Affordable Care Act brought sweeping changes to the healthcare industry. Medicare was likewise affected by the reform. As with all provisions of this Act, changes will be phased in over time.

Recipients should learn how these changes affect you. Doing so now gives you time to consider what revisions you'll need to make during the annual open enrollment period of November 15th through December 31st.

Lifestyle changes or health concerns may change your needs. Your current plan may no longer be the best one for you.

Medicare plans change also. Premiums can go up or down, a prescription you take may no longer be included in their plan, or your doctor may not participate. These factors have to be taken into consideration in choosing the right plan for you.

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Planning for your retirement years can get tricky, particularly when the rules keep changing. But, as Winston Churchill once said, "He who fails to plan is planning to fail."

So whether we have hard facts available or not, we have to estimate the best we can. And for the majority of American workers nearing retirement age, that means Social Security. Let's take a look at factors that impact us mid-year 2010, with the certainty that they are subject to change.

Social Security is frequently scrutinized as lawmakers try to secure long-term funding. Those born prior to 1960 will likely receive benefits provided by current regulation. But changes will certainly be implemented to keep the program running past 2037 when funding is predicted to fall short of its obligations.

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By definition, a reverse mortgage is a special type of mortgage loan that allows homeowners to borrow against the equity in their house without having to pay it back until they sell their home. As the name implies, it works in reverse of traditional mortgages. Rather than you paying monthly amounts to a mortgage company, the mortgage company pays you a fixed sum that can be disbursed as a cash lump sum, monthly payments or line of credit. This type of mortgage is only available to homeowners above the age of 62 who have equity in the home that is their principal residence.

You've worked hard to build up the equity in your house. A reverse mortgage can be a great way to tap that money when you need it most. With the uncertainty of Social Security, rising healthcare costs, costly home repairs or family emergencies, your home can provide you with financial security if need should arise. And since you're borrowing the money rather than earning it, it's tax-free. It can be a great tool for someone who is house-rich but cash-poor.

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Our inboxes are flooded with warnings from well-intentioned friends advising us to avoid everything from boiling water in the microwave to pumping gas. There are several web sites dedicated to separating true threats from urban legend. But the easiest way to do some quick research is to feed the keywords into a search engine. Your results will instantly tell you whether you should hit the forward or delete key.

Here are a few legitimate scams worthy of forwarding:

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Tools Many who are eligible for federal, state or local programs never get into them because they don't know they exist. Answer a few confidential questions and this database tells which programs you or your parents might be eligible for and how to apply. The U.S. government offers numerous online resources for senior citizens. Find a complete listing of them at The National Association of Triads is a partnership of three organizations: law enforcement, older adults, and community groups to promote older adult safety and reduce the fear of crime that older adults often experience. They offer valuable resources on their website.
Health The State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services has a complete guide to state services. The National Institute of Health offers information on health issues affecting older Americans.  
Living The AARP offers valuable advice on surviving the grief and loss process, remembering and celebrating loved ones, and finding community support groups. Find free tax help or brochures and publications to assist older Americans. Learn about tax law changes on IRA's and retirement plans.

If you're like me, you finally have it all together but don't remember where you put it!

You've worked long and hard to prepare for retirement, created all the necessary documents for unseen circumstances and legal issues. But they can't help anybody who does not know where they are located. Including yourself!

In a time of crisis, you don't want to be searching for social security numbers, wondering if your parents have a will or how to find their insurance agent. Discovering what legal documents exist, knowing where they're stored and producing them on demand is an inevitable responsibility. Our Documents Locator will help you avoid the inconvenience and stress of searching for important papers.

The Documents Locator stores a lot of information, don't expect to complete it in one sitting. And the information you record is confidential so be sure to keep it in a secure place. If you're completing this for your parents, keep a copy for yourself. And if it's on your own behalf, make sure key family members get a copy. It's a good idea to review your documents file every six months to keep it updated.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print out this file. If you don't already have it installed, the download is free from Adobe's Web site.

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