We are keeping a close eye on the "Heartbleed" bug you may have heard about. The vendor we use for Online Banking has completed a preliminary assessment and has not discovered any vulnerability. We will be sure to keep you updated should anything to the contrary be discovered. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to help ensure that your information is safe.

It is always a good practice to use unique passwords for all of the online services you access. If your GCF Online Banking password has also been used with a different service, we do recommend that you change your Online Banking password at this time.

If you currently utilize GCF’s online banking EXPRESS TRANSFER function to make your loan payments, this service will be temporarily unavailable from April 25, 2014 through June 9, 2014. As an alternative to this temporary inconvenience, you can do one of the following:

  • Contact 1-877-589-6600 ext. 320 or 368 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to manually complete the transaction.
  • Mail a check to Investors Bank, 101 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, NJ 08830.
  • Sign up for GCF’s online bill payment system and set up a monthly payment to be sent to Investors Bank.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Edition #666

Today's Highlights:

Past issues of GCFlash:

May 29, 2012 Edition #665

May 22, 2012 Edition #664

May 15, 2012 Edition #663

May 8, 2012 Edition #662

Weekly Spotlight:

Exciting new things are happening at GCF Bank! Learn all about them.

Our Current Rates:

For a listing of our current deposit and loan rates, click here.

Today's National Market Rates
June 5, 2012 6 Mo Ago
1 Yr Ago
5 Yrs Ago
Dow Jones Industrial Average
(Down 89.61 or 0.73% since 12/31/11)
12,127.95 (+0.22%) 12,097.83 12,089.96 13,595.46
S&P 500
(Up 27.91 or 2.22% since 12/31/11)
1,285.50 (+0.57%) 1,257.08 1,286.17 1,530.95
(Up 172.96 or 6.64% since 12/31/11)
2,778.11 (+0.66%) 2,655.76 2,702.56 2,611.23
10 Year Treasury Bond Yield 1.56% 2.05% 3.00% 4.98%
British Sterling 1.5375 1.5593 1.6419 1.9857
Euro 1.2449 1.3390 1.4629 1.3460

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1st Flash

ZashPay® Is Upgrading To Popmoney®!

Exciting news, folks. As of Sunday, June 10th, ZashPay will upgrade to Popmoney. This change gives you access to the largest person-to-person payment network for financial institutions, with 1,400 participating banks and credit unions.

By now I'm sure you all know how easy it is to send money to anybody, anyplace. Anytime. You've thought it couldn't get any better than this.

Well, it has. The best features of both ZashPay and Popmoney have been integrated into one great package. And a little extra is being thrown in just because we can.

The combined person-to-person money transfer service will be known as Popmoney. Best thing yet is that you don't need to do anything to start using Popmoney. It is automatically available to all GCF Online Banker Bill Pay customers.

Those who already use ZashPay will find all of their account details transferred to Popmoney. No need to re-register or add contacts again. Any recurring payments you've scheduled will continue without a hitch. Your transaction history will still be displayed dating back to when you began using ZashPay.

But you will see certain changes. And they're all good.

You'll continue to access Popmoney from within Online Banker Bill Pay. But the name on the tab will change to Popmoney.

The user interface is enhanced. The Overview tab allows you to see all current and pending activity. With one quick glance, you can check to see whether the money you sent someone has been retrieved. Money you send must be claimed within 10 days or the transaction will expire.

Edit your personal information from the Contacts tab on the Overview menu. Add and verify a new email address, mobile phone number or bank account number. Popmoney allows you to store multiple email addresses and mobile phone numbers so there's no delay if someone sends funds to an address or phone you don't have registered.

Want money sent to you automatically deposited to a specific account? The Preferences tab on the Overview menu allows you to choose this option.

From the Activity tab, you can check the status of payments you have made. Cancel any payment still tagged as Pending. You can stop payment of any transaction shown as In Progress, even if the contact has already been notified. Payments can be stopped at any time before the money is claimed.

You'll have new options when you send money, too. If you have the recipient's account number, you can send money directly to their account rather than to an email address or mobile phone number where they have to claim it first. This is great for those times when your kid forgets to tell you about something they need like a textbook or year-end gift for the dorm mother. Makes you wish this service was available when you went to college!

Add a message to any money you send. In fact, with eGreetings you'll be able to add a card! Find templates for any occasion to accompany your payment. How much extra will this cost? Nothing! This free service makes sending birthday cash personal. You pay nothing more than the standard 50 cent transaction fee.

Waste no time adding contacts to your Popmoney account. Import them directly from Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail accounts.

Still have questions about Popmoney? Get the details here.

On The World Wide Web

Find safety ratings and complaints for your car. File a complaint. Learn lemon laws in your state and more at the Center for Auto Safety.

Have a gift card you won't use? Sell it or trade it here.

International phone calls for free! Talk up to 10 minutes at no charge. You only have to listen to one or two short ads before dialing the number. Find out how.

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2nd Flash

Securely On-The-Go

It's almost here! You've been patiently waiting. And we now expect Touch Banking to be available Tuesday, June 12th, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The forced password change for GCF Online Banker was necessary to accommodate security protocol required for mobile banking. And now we're on our way.

We covered the features of Touch Banking in an earlier edition of GCFlash. You can read that article here.

This week we're going to talk about something we know is on everybody's mind. And that's security.

Touch Banking allows you to watch your money night or day. From poolside or a Phillies game. Safely. Securely.

Touch Banking will be available through three different access channels. You'll be able to access your accounts using our convenient downloadable App, your mobile browser or Short Messaging Service (SMS).

SMS, or text messaging, does not offer a comfortable level of security. Therefore, your transaction ability is limited using this delivery channel. You will be able to request your transaction history, branch or ATM locations, and account balance by sending a message to the short code you will be provided during registration.

Confirm any message you receive originates from that same short code before acting on any information it may contain.

Personally identifiable information will never be sent via SMS. No account numbers or specific consumer credentials will ever be transmitted. You will assign your accounts a nickname during registration and they will be referred to by that name only for any transaction.

SMS requests must originate from the same mobile phone number you already have registered to receive a response from our server. If you forgot your phone at home when you went shopping with a neighbor, you will not be able to use their phone to find out if you have enough money left in your account to buy that team jersey.

Both the downloadable App and mobile browser employ multi-factor authentication methods to gain access to your accounts. Your username and password are identical to the credentials you currently use to access GCF Online Banker. You will be greeted by the same image you previously chose to confirm you are accessing our authentic web site.

Entering the wrong credentials will lock you out of the system once you exceed a certain number of incorrect login attempts. You'll need to call us and confirm your identity to our satisfaction before you can continue to bank via your mobile device.

Information is transported between your mobile device and our service through a 128bit SSL.

The greatest risk incurred with mobile banking is with a lost or stolen phone. And we can help limit that risk, too. Call us immediately if your phone is ever missing and we can suspend it to disable access to Touch Banking. Once recovered, we can lift the suspension to restore your access.

If your phone doesn't turn up after a short time, we can de-register it to permanently remove its association from your mobile banking registration.

Remember that your mobile device is no different than your PC in being susceptible to malware. Use your smartphone safely. Follow the tips provided on our web site.

Want to learn more about Touch Banking? Click here.

Tip of the Week

Don't risk using an unsafe product. Get the scoop on product recalls.

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Financial Insights

Financial Glossary:

Yield Curve: The graphic depiction of the relationship between the yield on bonds of the same credit quality but different maturities.

And it is not just about bonds. Under normal circumstances, investors demand a higher return for instruments of longer maturity - which equates to a gently up sloping yield curve. If you think about it, this makes sense, since investors are tying up their money for a longer period of uncertainty. A three month security means their money will be freed up again relatively soon (low risk). Buy a twenty year bond? A lot can (and usually does) happen in twenty years (higher risk).

That's the norm. A yield curve can also be "steep," meaning long term rates are much higher than short term rates (often seen in the first months of an economic recovery), or "flat," meaning there is no difference in short versus long term rates (often precedes an inverted curve). A humped yield curve is some combination of both as pricing differences between different maturities cause the curve to spike up and down.

Perhaps the most infamous of the yield curve shapes is the "inverted" yield curve. This refers to a situation when short term maturities are actually priced HIGHER than long term maturities. This is not a normal situation, but does occasionally occur (usually immediately before a recession). Why would investors irrationally require LESS return for longer maturities? Only in a period when they think rates (and the economy) are heading EVEN LOWER and they attempt to "lock in" the higher rates now.

One economist has mused that yield curves are a lot like economic tea leaves. Very valuable, if properly read. There may be some truth to this, as the last five U.S. recessions have been preceded by an inversion of the yield curve. What is important for most people to remember is that the price of money is measured in time.


"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Today in History

1933 - U.S. goes off the gold standard.

Flash Fact

The CIA once spent $20 million on a cat equipped with gear to spy on the Soviets, but it was hit by a taxi.

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